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Nowadays, there are different styles of wedding invitations. Indeed, wedding invitations are one of the “must items” for a wedding. It is used to announce the wedding and spread the joy and happiness of the couple. A well designed wedding invitation can give an unexpected impression to the guests. It is in fact marking the beginning of a wedding ceremony.

“VINAS, unique & affordable wedding invitations”


You may want to get some interesting and elegant materials to make your wedding invitation. In fact, these materials will probably be paper. To find a unique wedding invitation card is a very difficult task. And here we would like to present this cheerful invitation card to you.

  1. ImageThe invitation card can be personalized by putting your NAMES & DATE of your wedding invitation card.
  2. Three methodology design, “Make it Grand”, “Ready Make Concept”, and “Do it Abstract”
  3. You can even put wordings which are unique, special and meaningful to your wedding on the card.

Stephanie & Jason, Sydney, Australia

Thank you Vinas Invitations for the amazing job you have done for our invitations! The quality is outstanding and your work is very...

Louis & Magalie, Sydney, Australia

Where do I even begin?! Thank you SO much for our BEAUTIFUL wedding invitations!!! I am so overwhelmed with joy. They are absolutely...

Sydney Branch Opening

Vinas Invitation is opening its door in Sydney ! Sydney will become the...